About Us

BLOGIX SOFTWARE PVT LTD is an established software development company engaged in providing application development services, technology consulting and IT outsourcing solutions such as Web Designing, Web Development and SEO services to clients worldwide.

Our belief in customer’s success as our success has propelled our growth and helped us build an affable relationship with our clientele spread across the globe. In today’s dynamic and ever evolving business universe Blogix Software Solutions’s steadfast commitment is to provide and deliver the full value to our clients regardless of circumstances and empower them to succeed. We strongly believe that our success is completely tied with success of our clients.

Our philosophy is driven by excellence in our pursuits and the achievement of mutually fulfilling goals. The corner stone of our success is our belief in the global culture of respectability to ideas, innovation, trust and innate respect for the value of our customers, which enables our people to create world-class products and services in the web application development domain.

Despite our success, we remain on a journey: to create better products, to develop more rewarding partnerships with our customers, to better nurture the talents of our employees, and to help our customers to achieve their goals.

With an employee base of over 400 employees, Blogix Software also has strong leadership experience of more than 10 years as a business house. We are committed to deliver business value and sustainability to our clients through technology interventions to help them become more responsive to the changing business needs.

Our vision is to add power through enhancing the competitive advantage of the customer’s business on an ongoing basis by providing quality and innovative solutions that are most relevant to its business needs. Blogix Software Solutions is growing from strength to strength based on its abiding concern for the basic values upon which it has built its foundation. Blogix Software Solutions is providing the best-in-class solutions that keep its customers investment protected and enable them stay ahead of competition. Listening to its customers, understanding the Critical Success Factors (CSFs) important to their business needs and developing solutions based on the problem at hand have been some of the key underlying reasons for its successful business relationships with its customers. Through such close and strong relationships Blogix Software acquiring and enhancing its application domain knowledge and best business practices from its birth. Based on the core competencies, it has decided to focus on the following verticals. Based on the core competencies, it has decided to focus on the following verticals.

If you are Looking for web or software development or end to end implementation of third party solution for your organization, we propose you to outsource your needs to our professional team. Blogix Software can provide you with a full range of web-based solutions and design services. Blogix Software provides innovative and cost-effective Business Solutions, offering its high-quality commercially viable services in a number of areas.